4 Oldie-but-Goodie Songs You Should Revive for Lent

4 Oldie-but-Goodie Songs You Should Revive for Lent

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I wrote a post for Seedbed: 5 New Songs To Consider for Worship in Lent. I’ve had some great conversations with people based on this list, about other song options, some of the great Lenten hymns, and ultimately the need to sing more than just “new” songs. I completely agree. So I decided to challenge myself to revive some of the great songs from the past few decades that reverberate so clearly within the Lent season. You should recognize them; many might be songs that were overdone in your church years ago. The challenge: dust these charts off and revive these songs as we as a church make our journey toward the cross.

1. Knowing You – written by Graham Kendrick.

This song centers in Philippians 3, urging the singers to leave behind what is worthless and to cling to Christ. Kendrick’s tune articulates the Lenten path and goal: knowing Christ and becoming like him in his death.

2. Give Us Clean Hands – written by Charlie Hall.

Taking its chorus from Psalm 24, the question not only of cleansing, but of idolatry, comes into view. This song translates into almost any setting well, and is an easy learn for your musicians who’ve never heard it.

3. Create In Me A Clean Heart (Psalm 51) – written by Keith Green.

Keith was such a prophetic voice in the church in his day, and a number of his songs are psalm settings that the church has sung for years. Psalm 51 continues to be thematic in this season of penitence, and this song can be used well as part of corporate confession.

4. Refiner’s Fire – written by Brian Doerksen.

This was a huge song in the Vineyard movement, and continues to be sung throughout the world. The melody of this tune is simple, and the theology centers on holiness, sanctification and refinement, which all bring us back to the cross and the Lent season.

I’m sure there’s a flood of songs to add to this list; post your additions in the comments section.

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