God Uses Calloused Hands

God Uses Calloused Hands

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I have always loved working with my hands for as long as I can remember. However, it was not until seminary that I realized that this passion could become more than a hobby. Through Dr. Jay Moon’s mentorship and other opportunities provided by Asbury Theological Seminary, I was able to start my own custom furniture business. The best part about this business was that it opened my eyes to the great opportunity to be a light for Christ in the work place. Unfortunately, most churches do not teach the valuable lesson that the workplace is a prime location for ministry. I have experienced personally that business creates relationships with those outside the church that would otherwise be nonexistent.

Ministry has taken shape in many forms through my business, from building high quality furniture, working hard to provide great customer service, and mentoring college students on how to live out their faith in the workplace.

I have mentored a particular college student since my first year in seminary, but now that we work together further opportunities for faith-nourishing conversations have developed. Through these conversations it has become obvious that this employee, friend, and disciple has grown in his faith and has developed more in his confidence to live out his faith in the workplace.

This business has opened doors that previously were not there by connecting me with so many people and opportunities. One of the most recent opportunities is my internship for Old World Timber in Lexington. With my own business, I have been asking God how it can be used in more ways to bring glory to his name. Old World Timber has been an answer to that prayer as I have observed how they live out their motto, “Reclaim. Redeem. Repurpose.”.

The business aspect of Old World Timber is to collect all types of reclaimed wood globally, refinish it, and utilize it for flooring. This company at the same time gives their employees, who might have made mistakes in their past, second chances by giving them a new opportunity to work. Those running the company also invest in all the employees by helping them through issues that life has thrown at them and, in the process, helping them grow out of their past problems. I have only been interning with this great company for three weeks now, but I have already learned from them how to grow my own business while doing more for the kingdom of God. I look forward to how God will continue to grow me through this internship and how it will prepare me to live out my calling.



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