Grog: a Can’t Miss Youth Game

Grog: a Can’t Miss Youth Game

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When I arrived at this student ministry, there was one game that all of the students talked about as being their all-time favorite from the past. I do not know who invented it, but I am thankful they did. It has provided our students hours of fun during lock-ins. The game is called Grog, and here is how it works:

What is a Grog?

A Grog is an adult leader dressed in dark clothing. I prefer to have two or three “Grog’s” per round. Yelling the word “GROG” in a deep voice when coming out of hiding is optional.

What does a Grog do?

They take apart a flashlight and hide each piece of it in different places around the building or space. For instance, our flashlight has a top, case, two batteries, and a ring. The Grog hides each one of those five pieces in different places. The Grog carries around a flashlight with them and shines it on students. When the light shines on a student, then the student must go to jail. Their goal is to get out all of the students.

What do the students do?

Students are released into the space, and their goal is to find all the pieces of the flashlight, put it together, and shine it on the Grog’s. When this happens, the Grog will be out of the game. The only catch is that the Grog’s have flashlights and can get them out of the game.

Middle School Tips

If you are playing this with primarily middle school students, there will be lots of screaming and squealing. Most of the time these students stay on the defense and hide.

High School Tips

High schoolers are very quiet playing this game as they are strategically trying to win.

What are the benefits?

This is a great game to get students to work together. You can call the time anytime you wish. The game involves everyone!

What do you need?

You will need flashlights, a large dark space, a “jail” space, dubstep music, adult leaders dressed in black, and a bullhorn or microphone.



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