Human Sculptures: A Game with Zero Supplies and Tons of Fun

Human Sculptures: A Game with Zero Supplies and Tons of Fun

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Sometimes you just don’t have enough time to go shopping to prepare for the perfect game for your youth event. Thankfully, Human Sculpture is a game that is fun enough to do with almost no prep time and also hilarious to watch. 4-5 Students will work as a team to find the most creative way to make a human sculpture with only two human feet remaining on the ground.  When we played this game the students and adults couldn’t stop laughing watching the handful of students struggle to find out the best way to climb onto each other.

Preparation: Choosing the Teams

  • You need teams to compete against each other, so make sure you pick students of similar sizes to make it as fair as possible (unless your plan is to make it as unfair as possible).
  • Choose a large student for each team that can handle a few munchkins climbing onto their back. They can function as the base of the sculpture.
  • Choose a medium student for each team that will make it a challenge
  • Choose a few of your smallest students for each team to make the sculpture possible, and see how creative they can be.


  • Students can climb onto each other, stand on each other, and hold each other.
  • Only two feet can be on the ground at one time.
  • They must hold the structure long enough to pose for a picture.
  • Let the crowd decide whose sculpture was best, or have judges decide.

Pro Tips:

  • Students will likely try to stand on each other feet, so make sure they are wearing shoes.
  • Keep an eye out for wardrobe malfunctions.
  • If you see a student’s face change from a smile to an expression that communicates excruciating pain, make sure you let them take a break.
  • It might be smart to let each team use a code word to use so that they know when to get off!

The best part about Human Sculpture is that it can work in almost any setting (except for the edge of a stage)! Try this game at your next meeting or retreat.


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