Jeremy Steele on the Youth Ministry Collective

Jeremy Steele on the Youth Ministry Collective

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Our new Youth Ministry Collective has been going strong for over a month now. Watch Jeremy Steele describe the vision behind the collective and extend the invitation for you to join!

This is also the perfect time to pre-order Jeremy’s book:
Reclaiming the Lost Soul of Youth Ministry: A Wesleyan Field Guide.

Check out the wealth of resources already available on the Collective:

LIFT: Free 3 Part Series for Youth Group
What Could Be More Important Than Vision?
How to Lead Championship Ministry Teams
3 Tips for Making a Difference with the Ice Bucket Video
Simon Says and Twister Collision: Birdie on a Perch
Box Wars! A Surprisingly Spiritual Youth Group Game
It’s All Your Fault!!
Working on Your Serve as a Youth Pastor
3 Things Youth Can Do About ISIS and Ebola
Finding Your Lost Sheep Without Becoming Netflix
“If God Builds It” – Group Explored Bible Study
15,000 Water Balloons at your Next Event
Is the S-word Taboo?
Five Simple Steps to Recruit More Volunteers
Easy Answers to 4 Most Common Volunteer Objections
Discipleship Experiment Week 5: “Following Jesus Is To Be Continued”
Asking Questions Students Will Answer
Discipleship Experiment Week 4: “Following Jesus and Total Transformation”
Popcorn Sharing Icebreaker
Discipleship Experiment Week 3: “Following Jesus Through Temptation”
Silence and Solitude Retreat
Discipleship Experiment Week 2: “Following Jesus Through Our Fears”
Creation Stations
Discipleship Experiment Week 1: “Following The Unexpected Savior”
Musical Condiment Twister
Crash of Heaven and Earth Week 3: “Fake Worship”
Marco Polo On Land
Crash of Heaven and Earth Week 2: “Good News For The Poor”
Rock Campus Ministry with Fan Club
Crash of Heaven and Earth Week 1: “As It Is In Heaven”
Glorified Baby-Sitting: Getting Beyond Youth Ministry Games
New Year’s Reminders
Visualizing Ministry (with Special Reference to Student Ministry)
7 Things Senior Pastors Want Their Youth Pastors to Know
What Breaking Bad Tells Us About Ourselves
Parent Meetings & Piracy: How to Get Parents On Board Without Getting Thrown Overboard
Top 5 Gifts For Youth Ministry Volunteers
Fifty Shades of Pray: Stay away from Grey!


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