Karate Piñata Upfront Game

Credit: Coast-to-Coast / Thinkstock

Who says your love of Youth Ministry and late night television can’t meet in the middle?! Recently when preparing to lead a conference for several churches I was in need of some games to entertain a large crowd as our worship sessions began. One of the people on our staff came in to my office one afternoon saying, “Ive got it! Karate Piñata!”

After expressing my doubt, he assured me that if it entertained the viewers of Jimmy Fallon’s show surely it could entertain 500 teenagers. If you have seen the game played on TV it you might think its a little too elaborate for an average night of youth activities BUT here is how you can make it a little more simple and fun for all!

Ditch the elaborate revolving piñata mobile and get two extendable push broom handles, some robe, and four piñatas. Two contestants will kick it out, one at a time of course, to see who can destroy a piñata the quickest.

Two other lucky contestants will have the fun job of swaying the piñatas around as the blindfolded contestant kicks their way to victory (great job for interns or adult volunteers). You can honestly repeat this for as long as the piñatas last. This is a great game for the crowd to get involved with as they can cheer and coach on their friends. You can fill the piñatas with candy as well as items that might be a good lead-in into your lesson for the night like paper strips with passage on them.

So, next time you are watching late night TV be sure to log your hours for research.



Adam serves as the Minister to High School Students at Brentwood United Methodist in Brentwood TN. Adam has a degree in Biblical and Theological Studies from Lambuth University and a Masters in Youth Ministry from Memphis Theological through the Center for Youth Ministry Training. Adam and his wife Carlisle both serve in youth ministry in separate United Methodist Churches and spend most of their time ministering to teens and laughing at their bulldogs, Hurley and Patty. You can follow Adam on Twitter @adamcjones.