Ken Collins on John Wesley 15: Self-Denial


This wraps up our series on Wesley’s sermons for the time being. Listen in on Steve Martyn and Ken Collins as they host a series preaching through John Wesley’s sermons.

This week, enjoy Self-Denial (Luke 9:23). Check back every Sunday for a new sermon, and view the entire collection here.

Learn more about the new collection of John Wesley’s sermons here.


Dr. Kenneth J. Collins is professor of Historical Theology and Wesley Studies. Joining Asbury Seminary’s faculty in 1995 as professor of church history, Dr. Collins has lectured and taught throughout the world on the theology of John Wesley.


  1. Great advice in this postmodern world.
    Simple but we must ask not one question but both.
    How do we because a Christian, but many do not ask the question how do we remain a Christian