Kevin Watson and Scott Kisker on Band Meetings


What is a band meeting and what is its purpose? In this video, Scott Kisker and Kevin Watson share the why behind their recent book, The Band Meeting: Rediscovering Relationship Discipleship in Transformational Community.

Throughout the book they explore several of the models for small groups that churches are currently pursuing, and help us see why our current models often fail in achieving sustainable spiritual growth and discipleship. They also survey the historical movements of Methodism that used bands as a catalyst for deep transformation. In doing so, they demonstrate that this approach to discipleship is time-tested and has a proven track record.


Dr. Scott Kisker is Professor of the History of Christianity at United Theological Seminary. He specializes in Wesley studies and pietist studies. Scott is married to Roberta Willison Kisker and they have five children: Maria, Susanna, Isaac, Tabitha, and Naomi.