We have escaped like a bird
out of the fowler‘s snare;
the snare has been broken,
and we have escaped.
Our help is in the name of the LORD,
the Maker of heaven and earth. Psalm 124:7-8


Mark 1:9-13 (NASB)
In those days Jesus came from Nazareth in Galilee and was baptized by John in the Jordan. Immediately coming up out of the water, He saw the heavens opening, and the Spirit like a dove descending upon Him;and a voice came out of the heavens: “You are My beloved Son, in You I am well-pleased.” Immediately the Spirit impelled Him to go out into the wilderness. And He was in the wilderness forty days being tempted by Satan; and He was with the wild beasts, and the angels were ministering to Him.


“But this Kingdom of God grips me, I am obsessed with it and I‘ll tell you why. First of all, Jesus was obsessed with it. It is safe to catch His obsessions. He was never wrong, never misled by a subordinate issue, never once entangled in the marginal and irrelevant, and he made this Kingdom central. It was that around which everything else revolved. It was the central idea which gave coherence and meaning to all his other ideas.”

E. Stanley Jones, Choice, p. 19


“Amen! Praise and glory and wisdom and thanks and honor and power and strength be to our God for ever and ever. Amen!” Revelation 7:12


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