Labor Day: 4 Simple Ways to Care for Souls at Work

Labor Day: 4 Simple Ways to Care for Souls at Work

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Today is Labor Day, the day we celebrate our America’s workforce. Many of us have the day off from work. As we think about all our hard working people provide for us, let’s take some time to think about how we might care for souls at work.

1. Be Kind and Considerate.

Whenever you encounter people who are working, be it the grocery store, the post office, or even when you get pulled over by the police (gasp!), make sure that you are courteous and kind in your demeanor, even if the employee is not. Everyone has a bad day sometimes, and you never know what someone is going through. Give encouragement whenever possible. You never know if a simple smile might help someone make it through their day. Also be kind to the people who work with you. Your kindness may be the one thing that reflects Christ to them. If you have a not-so-grace-filled moment, admit it and apologize. To err is to be human, and if you allow yourself to be imperfect in their presence, perhaps that will let them know that it is ok for them to be human in your presence. Who knows what kind of relationship that could open up.

2. Laborers are Worth Their Wages.

Pay your people well. Make sure they are paid on time. Give them adequate time off for rest and vacations. If they work hard for you, give them raises or bonuses. If you seem them struggling, give simple encouragement and be vocal about their value to you. Everyone thrives on being appreciated. It is hard to work when you feel undervalued. The more difficult the work they do, the more encouragement they should get.

3. Work as if You are Working for God.

Regardless of what kind of job you work or who your employer is, do you work as if you are working for God. Give it your best and make every effort to do your work with a positive attitude. Don’t participate if others complain about the work or the boss. Instead, offer encouragement to those who are discouraged. Again, your attitude may be the one thing that points others to Christ.

4. Look for Divine Appointments.

Whether you are the boss or the employee, keep your eyes open. When you see someone who has a need, ask God if He is directing you to help meet it. Do you have a coworker who is struggling to feed his or her family? A simple gift card may help. Is one of your employees dealing with a difficult situation? You may help them more than you know by simply listening. Is there a single parent who works with you? Maybe offering to watch the person’s kids one night would help give that parent a breather they rarely get. Be mindful of the needs around you and always pray. You never know how God might answer.

May you have a restful and happy Labor Day, then go forth and shine your light into the workforce!

Patricia Taylor is the editor for Soul Care Collective and a member of the Seedbed Farm Team.


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