Loving Radically: A Free Lesson on Making Room for God

Loving Radically: A Free Lesson on Making Room for God

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Clean and unclean food are center stage in this lesson that helps students explore loving radically those around them!


Today we are reading a very strange story from the Bible. God gave someone a vision that made him change the way he has seen everything.

Our activity will do the same thing—we are going to be thinking about things differently and relying on each other to make something.

In a minute I am going to list an object and a number. Your job will be to make that object with the number of people I say. So if I say “dog-4!” you and three other people will pretend to be a dog. Maybe one of you would be the head, and the rest of you would be the body and the tail! Any questions? Let’s do this!

  • Dog—7!
  • Washing Machine—8!
  • Cat—2!
  • Tree—4!
  • Apple—1!

So what was different in these things that you made, compared to the “real thing”?

Today we are learning about a passage where God tells Peter to break rules, but also tells him that he isn’t breaking rules. We are going to be learning about loving beyond what is easy for us.


Read Acts 10:9-23

  1. What stuck out to you in this story?
  2. What do you think of bacon?
  3. Why was Peter worried about eating the “unclean food”? Why do you think it took a couple times for Peter to “get with the program”?
  4. Why do you think God told him to eat the food?
  5. Who are some people that might feel “unclean” at church? (make sure to tell students not to use names)
  6. How can we go out of our way to make them feel welcome at our church?
  7. What are ways you can make room in your life for people who might feel on the outside of the church?


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