March Resource Release


March Resource Release (in case you missed it). Ok, so March 1 has come and gone, but it didn’t pass without releasing a solid cadre of new Seedbed Resources. Here’s a run down in case you missed it.

The 7 Keys to Catechesis in the 21st Century

The practice of catechesis is coming on strong in what is increasingly becoming a post-Christian context for the Church. We find ourselves getting back to the basics in our efforts to disciple people who have no Christian memory. It’s not a negative; just a reality. Some months ago, Seedbed Sponsored Blogger, Dr. Timothy C. Tennent, wrote a popular series of articles on his blog dealing with the recovery of catechism in the 21st century church. We’ve woven those articles into a seamless Seedbed Short and featured it here as a free download.

Echo: A Catechism for Discipleship in the Ancient Christian Tradition

Speaking of catechesis, Seedbed has been working for months with a team of three gifted pastors to produce one. We are calling it Echo: A Catechesis for Discipleship in the Ancient Tradition. Teddy Ray, Jonathan Powers and Jason Jackson, have developed this resource and tested it among a range of age levels, from children through confirmation classes and student ministries and with adults. (Some adults refer to it as “Confirmation for Adults.” In an age of sound byte faith and piecemeal theology, it’s refreshing to see a resource as all at once a simple yet thoroughgoing, systematic presentation of the Gospel in a format ready for disciple making.

Appreciation: Cultivating a Spirituality for the Streets Volume 1

Appreciation is a small ebook edited by Keith Jagger. It’s the first volume in a series we are calling “Cultivating a Spirituality for the Streets.” So often, traditional Christian practices can take us off the streets into private quarters. A robust Wesleyan spirituality proves some of the best formation happens not apart from the work-a-day world but right in the warp and woof of it. In this edition, a diverse group of authors tackles the practice of Appreciation. Keith is presently working on his PhD thesis at St. Andrews in Scotland under the guidance of N.T. Wright

From Institution to Movement:  A serious proposal for declining denominations.

George Hunter is a pastor’s scholar. He’s given his entire ministry in the study of evangelism, church growth and apostolic ministry. When it comes to working with secular people in a post Christian society his work is pioneering.  His latest research and writing centers around contrasting the distinctives of movements with the characteristics of institutions. From this has come a book entitled, The Character of a Contagious Methodist Movement, published by Abingdon Press. In this Seedbed Short, Hunter begins with some of the ideas from the book and builds on them with further insight. We are offering it at no charge. the next Seedbed Sponsored Blog

While we are talking about George Hunter, I’m pleased to share with you the launch of, our latest Seedbed Sponsored Blog. Watch for a weekly post where Dr. Hunter invites readers to engage with him in the development and refinement of his writings at various points of the development process.

Pastoral Burnout Infographic

Pastoral burnout is a well documented phenomenon, particularly among North American pastors. Statistics abound so commonly that it’s difficult at times to feel the impact of the numbers. Our designers created a “dash board” styled report depicting the story these numbers tell. It’s not meant to create despair but rather to invite healthy assessment of our own lives, families and ministries. If you life and ministry were put into a dashboard report like this, how would it look?

The John Wesley Covenant Service

John Wesley developed and refined a “Discipleship Commitment” Liturgy he led his people in annually at the New Year’s Watch Night Gathering. He called it a reaffirmation of covenant. Christians have engaged it every year since. We’ve simply taken the liturgy and put it into a pdf format for your use. Many find this a helpful exercise during the 40 days of Lent.


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