May 23: Psalm 93


May 23: Psalm 93

The Lord God Reigns

Short meter 66.86                    Festal Song (Rise up, O Men of God)
St. Thomas (I Love Thy Kingdom, Lord), p. 19

Jehovah reigns; He’s clothed with majesty most bright;

Jehovah is arrayed with strength; He girds Himself with might.

Established is the world, its steadfast place to hold.

And Thou from everlasting art; Thy throne is fixed of old.

The seas, O Lord, lift up, the seas lift up their voice.

The seas lift up their pounding waves; they make a mighty noise.

But yet the Lord on high more mighty far is He

Than is the thunder of the waves or breakers of the sea.

Thy testimonies all in faithfulness excel;

And holiness, forever, Lord, Thy house adorneth well.

Three psalms (93, 97, 99) begin with the line, “The Lord reigns” or “The Lord has assumed Kingship” and “He is clothed with majesty.” In each case the expression is actually a verb in both the Greek and Hebrew, but it is translated sometimes as “The Lord is King” with a noun in order to give clearer attention to the image of “King” suggested in the underlying verbs. Proper English usage has no verb “to king,” and the usual substitution, “to reign,” fails to convey that image adequately. Psalm 93 is a brief but rich composition, resonating large biblical themes in its every line. (Reardon, p 183)