Miracles: Raised From the Dead, Part 2

Miracles: Raised From the Dead, Part 2

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Craig Keener’s new book “Miracles” has not only been applauded by scholars, it has also flown off the shelves. Both Baker Academic and Christian Book Distributors have sold out after only two months. (Not to worry you can still buy it on Amazon.) Christian Book Distributors’ academic blog also named it the 2011 Book of the Year.

In the book, Keener details seven eye-witness accounts of raisings from the dead in contemporary times. One of those experiences was in his own family. In part two of this series, hear how his sister-in-law was raised from the dead, plus he shares another dramatic account of a child being raised from the dead.


Want more? Check out this bonus video. Craig Keener’s wife, Medine, shares his intial reaction to hearing these dramatic accounts of raisings from the dead.

You can view the entire Miracles series here.


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