The New Room Conference

The New Room Conference

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A Word from Our Editor

Greetings in the Name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

I wanted to take a moment to inform you all about the New Room Conference, which was held last week in Franklin, TN. The New Room Conference is a Seedbed-sponsored annual gathering of people across all Wesleyan denominations. The reason for gathering is holy conversation and uplifting messages from people on the front lines of ministry. We have fantastic speakers and amazing fellowship with one another, promoting holy love.

This year far exceeded everyone’s expectations, primarily because of the positive attitudes and love shown by the people who came and participated. We deeply value those who have committed to walk with us as family. I am writing to you, our Soul Care tribe, to tell you of an exciting opportunity that has been birthed by the New Room Conference.

The New Room Network

The New Room Network is a group that has covenanted to walk together in holy love. It is not a new denomination, nor is it a group that seeks to divide themselves from others. Rather, it is a group that seeks to unite all of our Wesleyan brothers and sisters. If your heart is as our heart, take our hand.

In the future, there will be opportunities for regional, one-day conferences. Some of these may feature a specific topic that may grant an opportunity for training and conferencing that features a specific collective. This is such an exciting opportunity for us, as a collective, to participate in something larger.

If you would like to keep updated with what is happening within this network, or if you would like to help out, go to the New Room Network website, where you can commit to whatever level of involvement you are able to fulfill. We even have a sign up just to receive emails on the progress. You can always change your involvement level later.

New Room Conference 2016

I would also like to point out that registration is already open for the New Room Conference 2016. Those of you who attended this year can get this year’s rate applied to next year’s ticket! Register now at the New Room Conference 2016 site!

Blessings, and I hope to see you there next September!
Patricia Taylor


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