Sunday Best: Planning Retreats, Worship Pastors, the Mechanic


One parent shares why their family posts nothing about their daughter online.

Can you be a Christian, a feminist, and conservative on sexuality?

Simon Chan makes a case for why we call God “Father.

Scot McKnight writes about the “game changer” in the Genesis 1-2 debates.

Here’s how Chad Brooks plans retreats.

Worship pastor Darlene Zschech writes 10 essential traits of a worship pastor.

One man answers, “Yes, I’m a mechanic” in his understanding of his sacred vocation.

Here’s an example of why churches are stuck in their ministry to millennials.

Stanley Hauerwas writes why America is so prone to global intervention, making his case for Christian nonviolence.

Andrew Dragos writes a post with recommended reading in apologetics for students and adults.


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