Reading Genesis 1 in Context (Part I)

How should we understand Genesis 1-2 in context? What are the issues involved? Dr. Sandy Richter leads us in an introduction to these few chapters that are so foundational to the Christian faith. She argues that the central question for readers of the biblical text should be, “What is this author trying to say?”

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6 Responses

  1. How about, instead of arguing over how to interpret a book, one go out and do the research themself? Do the science. It doesn’t sound like this woman or her husband have any experience actually doing scientific research. They just struggle over interpreting words in an old book who’s authors are anonymous. Why should I listen to one word of someone whos trying to answer questions about our universe by doing nothing more than analyzing a 2,000 year old book?

    1. Daniel,
      I can only hope that you’ll stick around for part 2 and eventually a 3rd part coming out in the near future. Ultimately, “meaning” cannot be determined by the natural sciences. That is a category mistake. You seem to be confusing scientific questions with metaphysical questions, which require theology, philosophy, and yes, pertinent literature from all eras to help us in our self-understanding. Questions “about our universe” can be scientific as well as theological-philosophical. It is perfectly reasonable to expect a scholar of literature and history to answer literary questions, which is what she is doing in this video. I hope this helps clarify the purpose of this video.

  2. This looks like it will be a great series of talks. I like that she seems to be going for the original meaning of the text; what the author was trying to say. I think Young Earth Creationists get it totally wrong. They seem to be missing the point of what is being conveyed in the creation accounts.

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