Rise: The Great Fifty Days 21

Rise: The Great Fifty Days 21

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Let all partake of the feast of faith. Let all receive the riches of goodness.


no one lament their poverty, for the universal kingdom has been revealed.


no one mourn their transgressions, for pardon has dawned from the grave.


no one fear death, for the Saviour’s death has set us free.

He that was taken by

death has annihilated it!



He descended into Hades and took Hades captive!

He embittered it when it

tasted His flesh! And anticipating this, Isaiah exclaimed: “Hades was embittered

when it encountered Thee in the lower regions”.

It was embittered, for it was


It was embittered, for it was mocked!

It was embittered, for it was


It was embittered, for it was despoiled!

It was embittered, for it was

bound in chains!



It took a body and came upon God!

It took earth and encountered Ηeaven!

It took

what it saw, but crumbled before what can not be seen!

O death, where is thy


O Hades, where is thy victory?

Christ is risen, and you are overthrown!


Christ is risen, and the demons are fallen!

Christ is risen, and the angels rejoice!


Christ is risen, and life reigns!

Christ is risen, and not one dead remains in a


For Christ, being raised from the dead, has become the first-fruits of them

that have slept.

To Him be glory and might unto the ages of ages.



John Chrysostom, Paschal Homily (excerpt)


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