Samson Wasn’t Black But I’m Glad the Actor Was

Samson Wasn’t Black But I’m Glad the Actor Was

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The History Channel’s episode featuring Samson totally freaked out a lot of viewers when Samson appeared portrayed by an actor of African ancestry, wearing dreadlocks! When I announced that I planned to offer a defense of the portrayal, from a historical perspective, one person actually wished me luck in “making the racist sensible and acceptable.” I am still trying to decide if he was insulting the History Channel or me!

I doubt that racisim motivated the History Channel in casting a black actor. Surely an army of consultants and diversity sensitivity specialists vet every show. The most accurate criticism might be that the producers attempted to insert ethnic diversity because it was politically correct, even if it was historically wrong. Or maybe they just wanted to mess with our heads a little, shake us up, make us see the story from a fresh perspective. That’s all possible. In some board room, some script meeting, the writers hashed this out and had reasons for doing it, and the reasons did not include racism, though I’m not privy to them.

I think it was great casting. But of all the reasons that the History Channel might have had, I’m certain that they were not thinking of the perspective I am about to share with you! As far as I can tell, they had no Old Testament or ancient Near Eastern specialists on their team. And some of what I’ll share here is stuff even many OT specialists would not know, simply because the discipline is huge and nobody can control all the data. Of course, this is hypothetical, though I think a very well supported hypothetical. If you’d like the footnotes and grim details, my commentary on Judges (pages 371-372, 378-382) will give you the bibliography as well as sources on the counter-arguments.

So…here are some relevant biblical data about Samson himself and his cultural identity gleaned from Judges 13-16. I’ve also popped a map in here so you can track the various locations mentioned.

Samson belonged to the tribe of Dan,BIB_202 originally located in the transitional zone between the highland watershed ridge and the coastal plain. We read that the “Amorites” harassed the Danites so that they abandoned their territory and migrated to the extreme north. The two hilltop villages of Zor’ah and Eshta’ol seem to have been the only towns held by the Danites, who had to look down on the fertile Sorek Valley, which they could not cultivate because of Philistine presence, or look across at the town site of Beth Shemesh, which again, Israelites could not occupy due to Canaanite presence. Dan is always referred to as the “camp of Dan” or the “clan [Heb. מִשְׁפָּחָה mishpakhah] of Dan.” Typically, a tribe is composed of many “clans” so this suggests a diminutive band. Samson’s family expresses great anxiety when he seeks to marry a Philistine woman, and generally Samson seems quite at home amidst the Philistines, especially their banquets. By contrast, every time Samson is depicted interacting with Israelites, the tension is overt. The Judeans actually sell him over to the Philistines! So just from the surface of the story in Judges 13-16, we expect to see Samson at odds with his own people.

Samson’s tribe, the tribe of Dan, was one of the most marginal of Israelite tribes, despite their figuring heavily in Judges 13-18. After Judges, the Danites as a tribe do not appear in the narrative of Samuel—Kings, and have little or no role anywhere else in the biblical narrative. Dan is even absent from the book of Revelation’s listing of the Israelite tribes (Rev 7:5-8), suggesting the Danites represent a kind of biblical-theological “dead end.” In addition to the Bible’s ambivalence about Dan, scholars puzzle over the ethnicity of the Danites, who do not seem to have meshed well with Israel. Jacob’s “blessing” hints that they were not fully accepted among the Israelites (Gen 49:16-18).

Dan will govern his people,
like any other tribe in Israel.
Dan will be a snake beside the road,
a poisonous viper along the path
that bites the horse’s hooves
so its rider is thrown off.
I trust in you for salvation, O LORD!

The first line about governing is a play on the Hebrew root of the word “Dan” which means, “judge, govern.” The “money” lines come next: Dan the snake, Dan the viper who strikes the horse, who pitches the rider off. Dan, who provokes the poet to cry for God’s salvation. This passage betrays a degree of alienation between 532422_149058311908854_1904472813_nDan and the rest of Israel. In addition, Judges 17-18 narrates how the Danites, after abandoning their divinely granted heritage, migrate north, slaughter a town solely because it was an easy mark, and set up a shrine featuring an image of Yahweh while the real house of God remained in Shiloh. The Danites don’t look so good, do they?

The Danites are associated with ships (5:17) and metallurgy (Exod 31:6; 35:34; 38:23; cf.2 Chr 2:13), neither of which characterizes Israel strongly, but both of which evoke the Sea Peoples—especially the Philistines (Cf. 1 Sam. 13:19-22). Arrestingly, one of the Sea Peoples mentioned in ancient texts bears a name linguistically cognate to Dan, once we allow for the way different ancient languages spelled the same words: danuna/denyen (Egyptian), dnym (Phoenician), and danaoi (Greek). The Philistines settled the southern coast, while other groups of Sea Peoples settled farther north. It would be reasonable to see the Danuna occupying the area around Joppa (modern Tel Aviv). This region would coincide with the territory allotted to Dan in Josh 19:40-46. So, if you’re still following me, the possibility exists that a segment of the tribe of Dan did not enter Canaan with the rest of their tribesmen, but originally belonged to the Danuna, a group among the Sea Peoples. They possibly fused with a smaller Israelite group, suggesting Dan was a composite, or hybrid tribe.

The Sea Peoples groups were not homogeneous, but consisted of at least nine distinct sub-groups. Nor were they unified. Some of the Sea Peoples were simply pirates and raiders, soldiers of fortune. Others, as depicted in the Memorial Temple inscriptions of Ramesses III at Medinet Habu, planned to settle, bringing carts loaded with family and property. Some of the groups included among the Sea Peoples even practiced circumcision. We know because the Egyptian pharaoh Merneptah records that to count the enemies slain in battle he collected the severed phalluses of the circumcised and the hands of the uncircumcised. Whether the Danuna specifically practiced circumcision remains unknown, but if they did, they would share an important cultural link with the Israelites. The Philistines, by contrast, during Iron I (1200-1000 B.C.) are the quintessential “uncircumcised” peoples of the OT. The overwhelming preponderance of pejorative references to “uncircumcision” or to circumcision as a major cultural marker for Israel occur in contrast with the Philistines. Perhaps the (circumcised?) Danuna felt a cultural distance from their Sea Peoples confederates, the uncircumcised Philistines, and found Israelite affiliation more congenial, much as the Canaanite inhabitants of Shechem did. Dan felt cramped amidst an expanding Judah and Ephraim on the east and samsonnorth, the aggressive Philistines on the south, and the solid Canaanite enclaves at Beth Shemesh and Gezer. Maybe that’s why most of the Danites (possibly including their Danuna population) sought fresh territory, an easier conquest, in the far north ca. 1100 BC. Perhaps they were never a large or vigorous group, just a “camp” or “clan.” This sense of confinement to the hill villages of Zorah and Eshtaol features strongly in the Samson stories.

So…Samson was a Danite. If the sketch above is accurate, then Samson could well have been of another race from the Israelites. His father’s name, Manoah, seems a good Hebrew name, but the author never tells us his mother’s name. She also challenges some of her husband’s conventional beliefs about God. The angel’s appearance to her, his enjoining on her (as well as on her son) the terms of the Nazirite vow, and Samson’s evident closeness to his mother, all could suggest she perhaps was of the “other” race, but had come under Israel’s covenant with Yahweh.  We know from several passages in Joshua that a good many persons living in Canaan, not of Israelite descent, embraced Israel’s faith and accepted the covenant (Josh. 2, 8:30-35 “foreigner;” Josh. 9; Josh. 24). This also would explain why Manoah could not effectively block his son’s marriage to a foreign woman…maybe he himself had done the same!

So that’s admittedly lot of dot-connecting, and maybe even some dot-supplying! If Samson came from among the Danuna, or at least, from a non-native Israelite woman naturalized as an Israelite, he was a descendant of Sea Peoples. Since these were associated with the Philistines, Israel’s mortal enemies, Samson’s easy fraternizing with Philistines seems more natural and the undercurrent of hostility from other Israelites makes sense. Also, his parents’ anxiety about his mate choice could be more than merely Israelites wanting their boy to marry in the faith. If they were “naturalized” Israelites of non-Israelite background, then they’d be doubly anxious to secure acceptance and much disturbed over their son’s careless congress with the alien, the other, the enemy.

So…if I were making a movie about Samson, I’d not make him ruggedly handsome. I’d make him visibly of another race, with a mom of another race, distinct from “my” Israelites. And I’d choose a race and other cultural trappings that connoted tension, alienation, hostility. Maybe also…I’d want to challenge my “majority culture” viewers to ponder whether salvation might in fact come from that distrusted “other” of the wrong race, wrong culture, wrong style. That maybe God can work powerfully through someone who just doesn’t quite fit my image of “Hero, Savior of Israel.”

Which seems to be what the History Channel did.

Now that I think of it…that’s exactly what God did too.



60 Responses

  1. My impression was that the casting decision was made in order to highlight the tension caused by his marriage to a Philistine woman in a way that was relate-able to the cultural context of the viewer. Eg, Samson’s interracial marriage was translated to a modern social context while still highlighting the same fundamental issue.

    1. If that was their reasoning for making him black, I find it silly. I’ve never seen a portrayal of Romeo and Juliet that made Romeo black so that a modern audience could relate. How hard is it for people to understand the tension caused by a marriage between members of feuding families, tribes or nations?

      1. Adaptations of that play toy with the race of the two lovers all the time, the most famous instance being when West Side Story made Juliet into a woman of color so the “modern audiences” (of the early 60’s) could relate. Adetomiwa Edun recently played Romeo at the Globe Theatre, with a white actress portraying Juliet. I cannot speak to the director’s intention but the racial tension was very present. I suggest you see more productions before making such broad statements about a piece of art that has been continuously adapted and performed since the mid-16th century.

    2. Samsung was an Israelite and all of the Israelites were Negroes.
      (Job 30:30) KJV reads:
      Job was an Israelite, and so was King Solomon and King David.
      Now what do you have to say about that smart guy?

      1. Thank you! I don’t understand why these people get so offended when people in the Bible were black/dark skinned. I don’t care what their ethnicity was … they were all black with wooly hair Periodt.

  2. It’s not so sophisticated. They did it for shock value and free publicity and it seems to be working since you played right into it.

  3. Good commentary Mr Stone. Just saw the CBS Morning (recorded) interview with the producers of The Bible. They in fact had several Biblical advisers on location. I think you make some valid points. It seems to have made people think, maybe even ponder, what the different tensions were and how they, and we, might navigate them. That in itself is something of worth.

    1. I know they had biblical scholar advisors, I have learned of five, but all were New Testament scholars, none were Old Testament scholars.

      I do think this series has been worthwhile. Like other History Channel specials about the Bible, it puts a series of questions on the table, usually raised in historical terms, and opens up the chance for discussion.

      That, of course, is what I’ve been doing!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. The Los Angeles Times questioned whether this years Oscars arrivals were a carpet or mass wedding? and with all the white dresses, we kind of started to wonder the same thing. While not all of our favourite looks are white, there is plenty of wedding dress inspiration to be found at this years Oscars!The former model, now actress looked every inch the movie star in an embellished Elie Saab oneshouldered gown that flaunted her enviable curves. She cleverly chose minimal accessories to work with the heavily embellished gown and opted for a simple pulled back hairstyle to show off the gowns gorgeous neckline detail.

    1. Samson was black and so were many of the other individuals in the Bible. Samson was a Danites, which were Ethiopian peoples.

  5. Everything you’ve said is false. Samson WAS black, the bible clearly states he had locs. Non blacks cannot have locs naturally, because they do not possess the coily and kinky texture of afro hair. Samson never touched his hair and it was never touched (till Delilah came around) because it was his source of strength, which is why it makes sense that his hair became locs. When Afro hair is left overtime, it naturally locs itself. Straight hair cannot do this. People need to understand that Christianity of today has been europeanised. Black people were the original.

    1. I love how you Afrocentrists misquote the Bible to make it look like everyone was black. The Bible says that Samson had seven locks. A lock is a piece or pieces of hair that have been bunched or tied together in some way. White people frequently refer to bunched sections of their hair as locks. Stop searching for your identity in the religion that was given to our ancestors by slave masters. It was not the religion of our ancestors before they were enslaved and shipped across the Atlantic Ocean.

      1. it is not misquoting the bible . African were the original people. tell me how a black person can be created by a Caucasian person. it doesnt make sense and even if they werent black they sure was not white.


      3. You are defining the “white” version of a lock of hair. A loc is locked naturally, NOT held together by something like a European lock of hair when they tie it with something. Samsung was NOT running around with hair ties. A loc locks on itself.

  6. If you research the Ethiopian Jews, known as, Beta Israel (or Falasha)
    they have been associated with the Tribe of Dan for centuries, and this
    has been asserted by a number of noted rabbis and rabbinical scholars as
    far back as the 15th century (as if the latter really matters to these people).

    Beta Israel still perform the most ancient religious ceremonies known to “Judaism” or Hebraism.

    Secondly, I guess you never heard of the Lemba people of Uganda, a Black African People, who have more actual Hebrew or Jewish DNA markers than any of the other European or Mediterranean Jews known in the world today, including within the modern state of Israel!

    Let’s not even talk about the number of African skulls found in Lachish or the wall reliefs of the Assyrian conquest, or that Hebrew is considered an Afro-Asiatic language.

    Just as today and even more so in the past, the Hebrews or the nation of Israel was not confined to a ‘pure race’ as mythologized, Abraham was from Ur (Sumeria) and even Moses married an Ethiopian woman, and throughout the bible we see the Israelites mixing and some having even Canaanite names.

    A portrayal of a Black Samson, is wa-aaaay more plausible and likely than a “white” Charleston Heston Moses!

    You need to read, The Invention of the Jewish People, written by, Shlomo Sanda, a “white” Jewish scholar.

    The book was in the best-seller list in Israel for nineteen weeks. It was reprinted three times when published in French (Comment le peuple juif fut inventé, Fayard,
    Paris, 2008). In France, it received the “Prix Aujourd’hui”, a journalists’ award given to a non-fiction political or historical work. An English translation of the book was published by Verso Books in October 2009. The book has also been translated into German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, and Russian, and as of late 2009 further translations were underway The Invention of the Jewish People has now been translated into more languages than any other Israeli history book.

    Posted are the pictures of an Ethiopian Jew (Beta Israel) and two Lemba men.

  7. People who make the greatest story ever told about race are entirely missing the point. Jesus is the son of God…race does not enter the equation. And whether any character from any story mentioned in the Holy Bible is black, brown, yellow, red or white means nothing. Who really cares. Anyone who wants to argue over race is simply listening to and following the voice of satan. Heaven will be full of those from all people, all tribes, all tongues and all lands! End of story. End race hatred…it’s up to you individually overcome and God expects from each of us.

  8. Sorry Mr Stone,

    Samson’s bloodline was from Dan ,one of the 12 tribes of Israel who were all absolutely, unmistakely blacks.
    This undeniable truth is now being realized by many whites. Oh by the way during Samson’s time whites were
    still uncivilized, living in caves, eating raw meat ,and committing bestiality. whites were not considered human at
    this time.

  9. A First Century Roman Historian by the name of “Publius Cornelius Tacitus” stated during his time many “believed”(keyword) the Jews/Judeans descended from Ethiopians(black africans). Quote is below…

    “Many assure us that the Jews (Judaeans) are descended from those Ethiopians who were driven by fear and hatred to emigrate from their home country when Cepheus was king.” – Publius Cornelius Tacitus ,Born: 56 AD Died: 117 AD

    If that ain’t black I don’t know what is…History has been rewritten, gentiles(aka the descendants of Japheth aka the Europeans) pushed their lies with Christianity, they whitewashed all the prophets and made Cesare Borgia their God…smh Do your research!!! a lot of the slaves that were brought to America, came here with Hebrew names. They even left Hebrew inscriptions in the pews of the oldest black church that they built in America(First African Baptist Church). Also Israel was actually northeast Africa before the 20th century…

  10. Notice how he was commenting at first and as the historical biblical information was presented he became absent in his own article. Not much ammo when the lie/ignorance your trying to perpetrate is met with a real gun, loaded with truth. All the information is out there, folks just allow enemies to teach/mislead them.

  11. Samson was black!! Just like all the people in the bible. Typical of white people always stealing someone else’s land and history.

    All the important land in the bible all are in Africa and for all you people who don’t know the so call Middle East has always been part of Africa until they built the man made river to try and separate it from Africa!

    How could Jesus or any prophets be white when they were in a region of black people?? White people are from Europe.

    The description of Jesus was very clear: hair like wool, feet burnt like brass, blood red shot eyes, these are not description of a white person but yet all the pictures of now show him with blue eyes, straight hair??? When that not his description in the bible!!!

    You did it to the American Indians and Mexico stealing there land and you did it with the African Americans stealing they history, lying saying the Pharos was white!!
    Again Egypt is in Africa the Greeks and Romans didn’t come over and they established kings and queen they were already there!!!

    Please use a little common sense people and stop believing the lies they spread!! GOD know what they try and do and they will be punished for it!!!

    1. Agreed. The peole in these regions have always been people of color (historically speaking). No way he had pale skin in regions where the is nothing but sun. How? Stop reading the Bible through bias lens. The Bible CLEARLY states HE HAD LOCKS!!!! Come on now.

  12. Many people of the Bible were Black or of Black ancestry. If not, some were Black and Arab, while others were fully Arab/Indigenous Middle Eastern.

  13. Samson was a 100% BLACK MAN —a true Biblical Hebrew, and not a KHAZAR JEW or any of those modern impostors who have somehow managed to use the global reach of their corrupt media to convince tge whole world that they and their Khazar Turk-descended ancestors were indeed the Biblicsl Jews. How could Israel whicb for thousands of years was—and still is— an extension of Africa suddenly become a WHITE KHAZAR and OTTOMAN TURKISH region if not for the cruel HOAX perpetrated by the OIL-THIEVING BRITISH who, in the 1930s, gave the whole of BLACK ARABIA — after killing more than 2million indigenous black Arabs—–to the local TURKS led by the BIN TURKI FAMILY who still rule bith ISLAM and most of the Arab world to this day. It’s also a fact that the Turk-descended “White India” worried about the global consequences of a BLACK ARAB-RULED ISLAM and ARABIA. Churchill agreed.

    In 1948, modern European Jews, a people with virtually NO BLOOD TIES to ancient Israel were given the ancient land of BLACK HEBREWS. That’s a fact! This naked IDENTITY THEFT must be exposed, folks. So, we now have two groups if Turk-descended people(s) dominating former majority BLACK LANDS.

    The SELJUK-MAMELUK-OTTOMAN TURKS control Islam, the religion founded by a BLACK KORAYSH INDIGENOUS ARAB named MIHAMMED.
    The KHAZAR TURK-descended ASHKENAZI (GERMAN) modern JEWS whose ancestors converted to Judaism in the 10th century or so, now dominate modern Israel and the Hebrew faith.

    Africa was the ORIGINAL HOME of JEWS. Is it not so? Was Moses a Khazar or modern white European? What about Abraham—was he also a Khazarian Turkish Jew?

    Stop claiming to be what you’re not You’re a Jew, that’s true by virtue of your religious preference as adopted by your Khazar Turk ancestors. But y3ou’re neither of Abraham nor Moses’ blood. STOP LYING !!!

  14. Lamentations 4:7 must seal it all… The Nazarites, the tribe from which Jesus came from were swarthy(dark coloured) in body & their visage(face) was as dark as coal…these aren’t my words, but the scriptures says so… so why portray Jesus & most biblical greats as white like George Bush? Blacks are always depicted as the bad guys in the media,so that their true identity & richest history can be hidden from generation to generation… thus realest heroic characters like moses and Sampson, dignitaries like the pharoah royal line, and divinities like Jesus ve been forced to look like whites cuz black superiority was deem to be hidden from history…. so that blacks will undermine themselves & see whites like some kind of gods but whites are mortals like blacks & bleed just like them…

  15. Lamentations 4:7 must seal it all… The Nazarites, the tribe from which Jesus came from were swarthy(dark coloured) in body & their visage(face) was as dark as coal…these aren’t my words, but the scriptures says so… so why portray Jesus who was a Nazarene & most biblical greats as white like George Bush?
    Blacks are always depicted as the bad guys in the media, with d aim that they despise & look down on themselves,thus realest heroic historical greats like moses and Sampson, dignitaries & royal characters like the pharoahs and divinities like Jesus have been depicted as whites to give the modern generation some perceptions of white supremacy or superiority and black inferiority ….but the TRUTH is that these greater beings were all blacks…i believe in the immortal scriptures & not the mere words of mortal men…

    1. Nazarenes and the nazirites are two completely different things. Nazarenes refer to the people from the town of Nazareth while a nazirite is a holy man. Jesus never took the nazirite vow. He was not a nazirite.

  16. Samson is black. His father manoah is of the danite tribe. Danites are black. And Samson was a gift given to manoah, you think God would give manoah a Caucasian child? Doesn’t make sense. Majority of the people in the bible are black. Blacks history was stripped from them(us), due to fear and jealousy. I guess you think Jesus is white too right? Do your homework before you open your mouth and claim that he is white. And I bet you also believe Adam and eve were the first people too? Smdh…you ever heard of the quello civilization? Probably not. This is a compulsory educated system. We weren’t meant to know the whole and complete truth; that would be too much power for a small government or system to control. If we keep on with this black or white thing, we’ll be doing(as we have continued to do)exactly what the elite want us to do, fight amongst each other while they set in place their nwo agenda. We need to enlighten one another, not degrade or vilify. we are in the 5th dimension, which is Aquarius..Enlightenment.

  17. Keep on feeling that way. The messiah was not orange or purple, he was born with skin that would today have him referred to as black. It doesn’t or shouldn’t matter. But Yah tells us his people will be the opressed all around the world. So when you say it doesn’t matter, it’s only valid if you are not someone who mistreats people of color for their color. Yah is going to have judgement for racist. Seeing that his son was a so called black man visually??‍♀️ Israelites are so called black people scattered around the world. Common sense, archeology, and history proves it. If you can’t except it and be okay, that shows your spirit to not be right! Keep thinking the descendants of Japheth are descendants of Shem??‍♀️

  18. Thank You! You are absolutely correct. Caucasians have white washed a great deal of History. Even when it is a documented fact they choose not to accept they will find some way to debunk what they know is true. He probably believes that Jesus( ) was white or so called middle eastern as well .Even when it states in revelation what he looks Yeshua like as well as a description of God . I guess some things never change.

  19. The title should read – ‘The history Channel is finally depicting history as it should be in order to correct the years of lies and deception the western world has imagined into being’.

  20. This article states:
    “Maybe also…I’d want to challenge my “majority culture” viewers to ponder whether salvation might in fact come from that distrusted “other” of the wrong race, wrong culture, wrong style.”

    Did you just call an ENTIRE race of people “distrusted” and “wrong” in every way. This is some racist white nationalist ish. Smh. How has no one addressed this? Typical of society to accept this and what negligent way to use your freedom of speech.

    …and how accurate is history if every movie that tries to depict history shows a white person in Africa or middle east like in Israel/Phillistine (where Samson occurred.) And the dread LOCS represent Samson’s untamed hair. He said no one has touched his hair, and its natural for afrohair to dread up.

  21. I appreciate your thoughts & insights. I love these Biblical lessons and applying them to our own lives today. They are so far removed by thousands of years & miles & cultures but their stories truly are our stories. Thanks for your thoughts.

  22. Sampson WAS black. To say, “Samson Wasn’t Black But I’m Glad the Actor Was” is ignorance of the truth of the Bible. Most of the People in the Bible are black people from the Tribe of Ham (a Black Negro) and also Shem (a man with fine hair but black skin). Arabs by nature are black skin people, Indians by nature are black skin people and the native of Australia are black skinned people who were killed by the White people, who then took over the land. Learn your History.

  23. Samson was an Arab, Assyrian looking type. An olive skinned White man, like many of the Hebrew Jews of that region.


  25. If people were originally black how they became white with blonde fine hair and blue or green eyes, etc.? Not all people were black!

    There are Asians, Caucasians, blacks, Arabs, Latin people, etc. Maybe these are the lost tribes…

    Whether Samson was black or white, no idea!


    1. Hey Luz, a black couple can indeed have white babies! FACTS! Go to Africa and see for yourself. White people CANNOT make black babies because of lack of melanin.

  26. Samson was black. The whole tribe of Yasharel is black. Don’t take my word for it. If you have a relationship with Yah, then ask him and see if it is true or not.

  27. White people weren’t in the Bible. Samsung was most certainly not white. Y’all kill me with this white washing of the Bible

  28. Its clear ppl don’t read the bible. He was black, just like David who killed Goliath. When will people read for themselves and wake up.

  29. a lot of brainwashed people here. Samson came from the same bloodline as David, Abraham, and Yeshua (Jesus); that is, the line of SHEM. They were a brown-skinned people.
    The catholic church has hijacked the bible to whitewash it. There were no Caucasians riding through the desert on camel. They would have all died of skin cancer. Don’t believe the fallacy. King Henry is NOT in the bible. he and his type did not exist just yet. The middle east as it has been ridiculously renamed is northern Africa and white people did not live there. The point of organized religion was to control people. And the only way the church saw to control the masses was to give them a palatable savior. Most whites would not follow a religion that worshipped a Black deity so artifacts and art work of black biblical characters were destroyed and white ones created.
    I know Hollywood is dear to so many, but they along with the church have disseminated lie after lie to the world about history.
    If you do you own research you will also uncover the truth. Genesis in the bible refers to black people.

  30. Samson had seven braids. Looks like this Samson has dreadlocks. Judges 16:14 – in the Bible.

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