Saran Wrap Ball Icebreaker Game

Credit: Nomadsoul1 / Thinkstock

Combine Saran Wrap, candy, and gifts to create this hilarious (and tasty!) game.

The idea is to wrap candy, small gifts or even gift cards into a saran wrap ball.  When making the balls (should be done ahead of meeting time). Every so often either cut the saran wrap or use packing tape that will force a natural stop in the unraveling. This will prevent your wise guy middle schooler, from unraveling the entire ball with one long toss… sometimes we learn things through error.  How many prizes?  Make sure you put far more candy, prizes, etc than you have people. If prepping far ahead of time, avoid chocolate…it melts.

Once you have your ball, sit down with the group and hand it to a person telling them that they have a certain amount of time to unravel the ball before giving it to the next person, They will get whatever prizes and candy they discover along the way. When passing the ball around have a specific time or object that limits each individuals time unraveling. It could be a set 10 seconds or the next person rolls dice until they get doubles.

Repeat until the ball is completely unraveled!

“Saran Wrap Ball” can serve as a great ice breaker to a small group time or entertain a larger group. One final suggestion for a large group scenario. You could spend one week with your group creating the largest ball that you can and the following week, unravel it! Enjoy!


Ryan has been serving in student ministry for 17 years serving in churches large and small. He currently serves as Director of Student Ministry at Covenant UMC in Greenville, SC. A native of Richmond, VA Ryan enjoys being outdoors and seeing things and places that have been around a long time, figuring out the story behind them. When he has his pick of things to do, Ryan usually finds himself outside on a trail or path with his wife of 16 years, Kim, and their three kids.