Second Breakfast: XXXVII

Second Breakfast: XXXVII

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This morning we suggest reading the first chapter of Song of Songs to accompany Hudson’s commentary. 

Could there be sadder proof of the extent and reality of the Fall than the deep seated distrust of our loving Lord and master which makes us hesitate to give ourselves entirely up to him, which fears that he might require something beyond our powers, or call for something that we should find it hard to give or to do?

The real secret of an unsatisfied life lies too often in an unsurrendered will. And yet how foolish, as well as how wrong, this is! Do we fancy that we are wiser than he? Or that our love for ourselves is more tender and strong than his? Or that we know ourselves better than he does? How our distrust must grieve and wound afresh the tender heart of him who was for us the man of sorrows! What would be the feelings of an earthly bridegroom if he discovered that his bride-elect was dreading to marry him, lest, when he had the power, he should render her life insupportable? Yet how many of the Lord’s redeemed ones treat him just so? No wonder they are neither happy nor satisfied.

– J. Hudson Taylor, Union and Communion – A commentary on the Song of Songs


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