Sow Green Sow Good: An Example of Social Entrepreneurship

Sow Green Sow Good: An Example of Social Entrepreneurship

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An example of how Christians can use their background knowledge and experiences to engage in social entrepreneurship and empower others economically.

Sow Green Sow Good is a sustainable company that provides greens such as turnips, collards, mustard, kale and other vegetables to people in the Midsouth. The company also provides a greenhouse for people to learn to grow their own food and provide for their families.

Due to the number of working poor, over 26% of the people in the Midsouth area around Memphis, TN suffer from hunger and food shortages on a regular basis. This area is plagued by a lack of access to grocery stores and fresh vegetables, as large retailers and malls began a trend over 20 years ago of moving out of urban areas and into less crime-infested, high-income suburban areas like Collierville and Germantown. Rural areas in the Mid-South are at an increasingly high risk of becoming “food deserts” as young families move away and market pressures continue to squeeze small grocers and retailers.

The motto of our company is that, as we Sow Green, we Sow Good in our community. Matthew 13:24-33 reaffirms that God continues to Sow generously into the world and He has called us to do the same. The scripture reveals to us the simple principle that nothing can stop us when we sow good.

God is challenging us to continue to grow in the area of caring for one another and extending love to others in our community and beyond. In 1 Corinthians 1:3-4, we are told to comfort and to care for one another. Through this project, we are given the opportunity to pour into the lives of people in our community who need the transformational presence of God in their lives to deal with the socio-economic issues and pressures that exist in our world today by offering sustainable solutions to positively impact their world.

Hear Milton and Synolve talk about Sow Green Sow Good: (video starts at 11:00 minute mark)


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