Simple Strategy for Reaching and Making New Disciples


How can we reach new Christians and help train them in the path of discipleship? In today’s Seven Minute Seminary, Iosmar Alvarez shares a five step strategy that can be implemented to effectively move new believers into authentic followers of Jesus.

  1. Model Jesus and the Christian life to new disciples.
  2. Motivate new disciples by encouraging them in their victories.
  3. Mentor new disciples with intentional, convenantal training.
  4. Multiply new disciples by helping them disciple others.
  5. Mobilize new disciples by sending them out into the world.

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Dr. Iosmar Alvarez is a pastor and certified coach for SLI (Sprititual Leadership Incorporated). He hails from Cuba, where he was a veterinarian by trade. He is an ordained elder and has planted several United Methodist churches in Kentucky. There he serves locally but also helps train other pastors for effective ministry.