Sunday Best: A Wesleyan Calvinist, Apologist Stephen Colbert, & Evangelical Writers

Sunday Best: A Wesleyan Calvinist, Apologist Stephen Colbert, & Evangelical Writers

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Ever hear of a Wesleyan Calvinist? In this interview, the Gospel Coalition asks Fred Sanders some profound questions about his journey through these two traditions. This is a must read for Wesleyans and Calvinists alike.

Why Evangelicals Can’t Write is a piece written to challenge those within our evangelical tribe to raise the standard when it comes to contributing to the arts. Insights are drawn especially from the work of Flannery O’Connor.

Here’s a quick fun post from our very own Ben Witherington III on the Top 10 reasons to be a Methodist.

We love James Smith, a philosophy professor at Calvin College, especially when it comes to his thoughts on worship and formation. Here’s a sample from his essay for Faith & Leadership. “We cannot hope to re-create the world if we are constantly reinventing ‘church.’ Instead, we will reinvent ourselves right out of the story. Liturgical tradition is the platform for imaginative innovation.”

Should you go to seminary? Scot McKnight, who recently moved from NorthPark University to Northern Seminary, writes a piece “Ten Reasons to Attend Seminary.” All of his reasons are great and might help anyone considering seminary make a thoughtful decision. Should you be thinking about making the dive in, check out one of Asbury Theological Seminary’s Preview Weekends.

In this clip, Stephen Colbert proves to be an effective apologist in his interview with cosmologist Lawrence Krauss, who discusses his book “A Universe from Nothing: Why There Is Something Rather than Nothing.” What do you think of Colbert’s clincher at the end?

Church for any kind of person? “Back to Church Sunday?” This video promotes a proposed date of September 16th, 2012 to help get people back into church. This might be something worth focusing your efforts on as a united national front.




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