Sunday Best: Bible Apps, becoming weaker, millennials & the unsexy early Church

Sunday Best: Bible Apps, becoming weaker, millennials & the unsexy early Church

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A beautiful and inspiring video from The Work of The People on the Huffington Post, Jean Vanier: Become Weaker. It starts with one simple, thought- provoking question: “any thoughts on why God set it up so that life comes from surrender and death? That’s kind of messed up” What follows is a beautiful response from the wise and accomplished, Jean Vanier about the growth Christians find in weakness.

There are two things we love at Seedbed: the Bible (duh) and all things social media. That’s why we loved this article, Apps to the Future: The New Social Network Engagers. Christianity Today published an article about how interactivity helps us engage with the Bible. They chose three very popular Bible apps and interviewed their creators.

The president of research group, Barna, offers an interesting perspective on millennials and the Church. In a Christianity Today article, David Kinnaman discusses how our fixation on all things “young” is changing the way we do Christianity. He disects how we under- and overestimate the power and shape of the next generation in The Rise of Digital Urban Tribes.

Biologos Foundation, a leading organization in the science and faith dialogue, has released a film entitled “From the Dust” which seeks to move the origins conversation forward by attempting to show the compatibility of biological evolution with the Christian faith.

Marc Cortez from Western Seminary recently wrote up a post on John Wesley’s guide to reading Scripture.

For theology enthusiasts you may want to know about a seven year reading plan that started last year for reading through Karl Barth’s entire Church Dogmatics. That’s right—all 23 volumes. Endeavoring to read with an online community and enjoy some of the commentary may help you stay motivated. The chunks are also very manageable. See this week’s post by J.R. Daniel Kirk here. This year’s reading schedule here.

How many times have you heard someone say, “We need to get back to the early Church, like in Acts?” I’ve heard that statement, a lot. But Dan White Jr., blogger for the Christian Post, says we need to look a little closer at the early Church. In fact, in his article The UnSexy Early Church, he discusses how flawed the first church plants actually were. But White doesn’t paint a bleak picture, rather he says, “Somehow the very mess of community can become the catalyst for Holiness.” Good read.

Finally, here’s one in honor of Father’s Day, The fatherless epidemic. Popular blogger, Matthew Paul Turner, shares an experience from his recent trip to Bolvia with World Vision. If nothing else, this article is a reminder that we have a true Father, even when our earthly father disappoints us.



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