Sunday Best: The $3,000 Mission Trip, Foodie Culture & the Poor, 6-Day Work Week


Here’s a mom’s take on how you should talk to your daughter about her body.

Here are 10 ways privileged people can work for justice.

Read these shocking poll results on how many hours a pastor should work to satisfy their congregation.

Drew Causey shares choosing worship songs 101.

Mark Driscoll and the Mars Hill Seattle staff share the story of how they controversially moved to a 6-day work week.

Gardens Don’t Launch challenges a common assumption about sermon preparation in post-Christendom, purported recently by Tim Keller.

Maybe you should rethink the $3,000 mission trip.

Some are asking, should military chaplains should have to believe in God?

Erik Bonkovsky asks, “Has foodie culture forgotten the poor?


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