Sunday Best: Leaving Fundamentalism, Children's Books, Missional Focus

Sunday Best: Leaving Fundamentalism, Children's Books, Missional Focus

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Rachel Held Evans blogs 5 things to not leave behind when leaving fundamentalism.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention claims abortions fall 5%, largest drop in a decade. While this is reason to celebrate, the exact causes may remain open to debate.

See an interesting “evangelical electoral map” from the recent election.

Many who can't find a job in the US are applying for jobs oversees, including theological educators.

Trevin Wax recommends the Wilderking Trilogy as books for kids.

Teddy Ray claims that it's possible for the Church, especially the “misisonal church,” to be too outwardly focused. Richard J. Mouw describes how we are all missionaries now.

Glenn T. Stanton, a director at Focus on the Family, wants to set the facts straight as to who started the “culture war.”

It's not too late to join us for our Advent New Testament Reading Plan. You can pick up and start reading today. Use hashtag #adventreading to share your reading.



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