Sunday Best: Online Eucharist, Christians in College, Church Planting Fundraising


One Canadian family, tired of their kids being glued to iPad screens, decides to live like it’s 1986.

Leigh learns that accepting Christ can happen in different ways.

Osheda shares how she gets by on the days she doesn’t feel black enough.

Harold Smith shares how their fundraising efforts for keeping Books & Culture alive were met.

One person shares why they’ve repented of misunderstanding John Wesley.

Catalyst Resources shares about online eucharist.

Check out how the American family has evolved over the decades, according to television.

Greg Boyd shares his particular view on Syria and the Christian pacifist position.

Jesus Creed features a post on young Christians and the college experience.

Act29 Church Planting Network writes up 4 models of fundraising money for church planting.


Seedbed gathers, connects, and resources the people of God to sow for a great awakening.