Sunday Best: Ordinary Time, World Bookstores, Reading Scripture

Sunday Best: Ordinary Time, World Bookstores, Reading Scripture

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Dale Coulter writes on the dance of ordinary time.

Joel Green encourages us in cultivating a practice of reading Scripture.

Biologos responds to the Ken Ham and Bill Nye debate.

Flappy Bird creator recently claimed he will take down the game due to its ruining his life.

Trevin Wax shares 4 things a pastor should consider before engaging social media.

Tom Fuerst has started a series discussing the movie “Her” and the post-human world.

Ed Stetzer writes on church planting and “opening more lanes.”

Catholic Bishop James Conley laments the way pop culture is portraying Pope Francis.

Donald Miller confess that he doesn’t go to church very often. Mike Cosper responds.

Business Insider shares a list of must-visit world bookstore.


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