Sunday Best: Sanctifying Art, Pagan Propitiation, Virgin Shaming


Brian Zahnd shares his surprising problem with the Bible.

Andrew Thompson asks what it means to stay in love with God.

The blog From the Branches interviews Debroah Sokolove on sanctifying art.

Seeking privacy, teens turn to anonymous message sending apps.

Secular news outlet and content curator Buzz Feed offers a article on “virgin shaming.”

CNN hosts a charitable debate between Shane Claiborne and Peter Greer asking, Was Jesus a capitalist or a communist?

In light of the Bode Miller interview, Sarah Pullium Bailey argues that good reporting can be hard to watch.

See this list of the 70 most influential Black Christian history makers.

David Brooks writes on the prodigal sons.

Some think that churches are disneyfying Christian baptism.

Fred Sanders compares pagan vs. biblical propitiation and explains why it matters.

Missio Alliance offers a primer on Just War theory.

Christianity Today reports that North Korea detains another Christian missionary.


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