Sunday Best: Virtuous GQ, Misogynist Trolls, Liturgical Updates


Andrew Thompson writes on the profundity of Wesley’s words “holiness of heart and life.”

Anthony Bradley exposes the virtuous side of GQ magazine.

The Atlantic cites how misogynist trolls make journalism miserable for women.

A restaurant owner with down syndrome shares his gift with the world.

The Church of England attempts to update its liturgical language on “sin” and “evil.”

D. G. Myers shares his story of the academe quitting on him.

Slate compares and contrasts the teachings of Pope Francis with his predecessors.

Donald W. Haynes submits that Wesleyans must recapture a vision for class meetings in order to keep Mosaics.

Harvard reveals a study proposing what it takes for men to live a happy life.

Richard J. Mouw interviews about “convicted civility.”


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