The Gospel for Younger People

What is the good news for emerging adults, or young people? How can we share this good news about Jesus with them? In this Seven Minute Seminary video, Miriam Swanson of Fusion USA frames the good news around the particular desires, anxieties, and concerns around which young people orient themselves.

Seedbed and Fusion has published a card deck that can train you to have deep, meaningful conversations naturally. The DMC deck provokes great conversation with 52 crafted questions on a real pack of playing cards. You will discover amazing things about old friends and get to know new people well. Skip the small talk—get straight to the DMC and see what God does through the gift of real friendship. Learn more and get it here.

Get the resource, Prep for College: 360 Degree Preparation for Starting College.

Get help understanding the church’s relationship to college students with this resource.

Visit Fusion USA.

View our growing playlist of Seven Minute Seminary.

Download the audio for this Seven Minute Seminary & subscribe via iTunes.


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