The Sow Must Go On


Fellow Sower,

Our team has been praying. We wanted to respond to this crisis of public health, this unprecedented isolation, this disruption of routine—but we weren’t sure how. Like you, we’re not sure of much these days. But in the midst of our uncertainty, we found God to be certain. And we felt sure in our praying that he was asking us to sow extravagantly into the fear, the loneliness, the chaos. He has words to say, things to teach, revelations to expose. He has peace to give.

And so, we sow. In the face of darkness, we sow. Because we know you haven’t stopped sowing. And we want to make sure you have everything you need to keep it up. When everything else stops, the sow must go on.

This moment marks the start of a very unique and unlikely-to-happen-again event. We’re opening the storehouse for all our digital products. Through March 28th, we are making all our digital study videos and ebooks completely free (with the exception of Seedbed Kids digital products).

We know, it’s tempting to stock up. You never know what you might need, after all. But instead, consider in faith just taking what you believe you’ll need for this season. These resources won’t always be free, but they will always be available to you, your small group, and your church. Physical book and DVD resources are priced as usual, but if you prefer a book you can hold, we encourage you to grab it too! This is a season that we, like many other ministries, could use your help through paid purchases and gifts at checkout.

You all are the true champions. We’re praying for you. And we’re honored to share where we can this week. See you in the field.

For the Awakening,
The Seedbed Farm Team


Seedbed gathers, connects, and resources the people of God to sow for a great awakening.