The Weekly Breather: Silent Companionship

The Weekly Breather: Silent Companionship

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Have you ever had one of those friends with whom words were not necessary? Could you sit in silence and just enjoy one another’s company without feeling the need to say anything?

So often, we talk at God. We also beg to hear Him speak to us. But, what if we simply took a moment to just enjoy his Presence in the silence?

Settle Yourself: Release

Take a few deep, slow breaths. As you settle into your chair, take a moment to notice how your body feels sitting in it. Notice how your clothes feel on your skin. Is the room cold or warm? What do you hear? What do you smell? Breathe in and out while you become aware of your present surroundings.

Encounter: Feast on God’s Presence

As you continue to breathe slowly and deeply, begin to be aware of God’s presence with you. How do you feel in his presence? If there is anything on your mind that is distracting or anything on your heart that is troubling, offer it to God for Him to hold onto for this present moment.

As you feel yourself relax more and more, sit with God in the silence and the stillness for as long as you wish. Afterward, you may want to journal about the experience and any invitation you may have sensed from God during this time. Thank God for this time of enjoying his presence.


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