Threshing Floor 063: Timothy Tennent, Post-Christendom, and Twitter Chaos


The Threshing Floor is rounding the corner with the last few of our New Room Conference conversations. In this episode, Joshua and Chad sit down with the Rev. Dr. Timothy Tennent, president of Asbury Theological Seminary. We have a conversation about church planting, post-Christendom and the broader scope of worldwide Christianity.

Our larger conversation consists of:

  • Joshua’s Jazz Intro
  • How we plan TTF
  • Rebecca Black
  • Editing the last episode
  • Why we make Andrew Dragos work more
  • The Warriors
  • The Church and global context
  • The center of global Christianity
  • Where does the church stand in relation to the world?
  • Living in post-Christendom
  • Post-Christendom doesn’t assume having a voice.
  • Build it and they don’t care

Articles Mentioned
Infant Baptism’s Malignant Assumption


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