Threshing Floor Podcast 008: Why We Are Wesleyan

Threshing Floor Podcast 008: Why We Are Wesleyan

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The Threshing Floor podcast is terribly excited to jump into 2014. Our first full episode with Seedbed centers around a conversation about why the hosts are Wesleyan. All three of us grew up outside of, but influenced by, a Wesleyan theological framework. We found out almost all of our reasons center around worship, experience, holiness and grace.

We also had conversations about our predictions for 2014 and Joshua’s fascination with preacher techno. You can hear preacher techno here.

Our hosts are also writing blog posts on the topic. You can find them at Joshua Toepper, Drew Causey and Chad Brooks. We would absolutely love to hear your reasons why you are wesleyan. Share your thoughts and links in the comments below.

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