Threshing Floor Podcast 057: Adult Conversion, Baptism and Crocs

Threshing Floor Podcast 057: Adult Conversion, Baptism and Crocs

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The Three Horsemen of the cheap steak buffet are back with another award-winning episode of the Threshing Floor. In this episode we have a conversation about the role of adult conversion in the Christian Church. Specifically, we talk about the conversation about conversion inside of an infant baptism tradition. Joshua also spits out some serious knowledge he is learning in his ThM program at Candler School of Theology.

Our conversation includes

  • Joshua’s legendary “High-Ho Cherry-O” intro
  • Everyone’s Dad like McDonalds coffee
  • Crocs
  • The Tedeschi-Trucks Band
  • Homestar Runner Lil’Brudder
  • Songs we won’t get out of the car for
  • Chad learned the term “throwing shade”
  • What we mean by conversion
  • we’ve got to get used to the idea that people aren’t Christian
  • the role baptism plays
  • The role “following up” plays in articulating the sacraments
  • head knowledge vs. heart knowledge


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