Threshing Floor Podcast 058: Mark Swayze, Contemporary Worship and BBQ Deathbed Confessions


Back at New Room of 2015, Joshua and Chad sat down with Mark Swayze. Mark is the Charles Wesley of the New Room movement. We talk about contemporary worship and worship songwriting. Here’s our full rundown of conversation topics.

  • Periscope and Twitter
  • BBQ Deathbed Confessions
  • Canceling Church
  • Is it worship if the sacrament isn’t there?
  • Parent Pastor Podcast
  • Metallica plays with an orchestra
  • What does it mean to lead worship with JD Walt?
  • Leading horrible worship songs
  • Working with Ed Cash
  • Theologically complex worship
  • The rest of the gospel is the best of the gospel
  • Worship songs written for the local church
  • Worship that ISN’T Pre-Salvific
  • What Wesleyan songwriting looks like.
  • Why worship leaders need to write music
  • Local expression of worship songwriting
  • CCLI Top 100 Songs for United Methodists
  • Chad rants. a lot. Seriously. A LOT.

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