Threshing Floor Podcast 060: Detroit Soccer, Incarnational Ministry and Christian Movies


We have a guest this week. The Threshing Floor sits down with Padre Dean Simmer. Dean is an Anglican priest, IT specialist and soccer enthusiast in Detroit, Michigan. We talk about the power of embedding yourself in a localized culture and serving as a witness to the presence of Jesus. You can get more from dean at @mojodean and 


In this episode, you can hear about;

  • Joe Dongell’s briefcase
  • Bigfoot calls
  • The Legend of Boggy Creek
  • Paris Hilton
  • Motley Crue vs. The Newsboys
  • God’s Not Dead II
  • NES Duck Hunt
  • Professional Soccer
  • Detroit football
  • Ordination to a community
  • pastoring places and people
  • The Northern Guard
  • Church vs. Relationships
  • Plato’s cave
  • Depression and openness
  • Vulnerability

We also share more about our friends at the Parent Pastor Podcast, Mark Swayze and the dead grandma game and The Art of the Sermon’s recent interview with Rob Bell


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