Threshing Floor Podcast 064: Dr. Sandra Richter, The Old Testament and Holding Fish.

Threshing Floor Podcast 064: Dr. Sandra Richter, The Old Testament and Holding Fish.

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In this episode of The Threshing Floor, Joshua and Chad sit down and have an amazing conversation with Dr. Sandra Richter. Dr. Richter is the author of the Epic of Eden and several other studies on Currently, Dr. Richter is a professor of Old Testament at Wheaton College.

This episode you can hear us talk about:

  • Is Chad dead?
  • Holding fish.
  • Joshua goes on a spiritual retreat.
  • Do we always need our phone?
  • What we rely on shows our coping mechanisms.
  • Unplugging and getting away.
  • John 15.
  • How are we giving room for the Holy Spirit to work?
  • Joshua bought a bonsai.
  • The karate kid
  • How Joshua bootlegged seminary
  • Does the Old Testament make God look like a monster?
  • Star Wars.
  • God’s original blueprint.
  • The fact that God loves us.
  • The law.
  • The Old Testament is a survey of a missionary God who loves his people.
  • Other choices than striking us dead.
  • The Threshing Floor is like iCarly.
  • Taylor Swift and Song of Songs
  • Who would win in a fight? Esther or Rahab?
  • Epic of Eden study.
  • information to transformation
  • Looking through scripture to where we see Jesus.
  • Reading scripture without the Old Testament (and the impossibility).

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