Top Youth Ministry Games, Ideas, Lessons, and Coaching from 2015

Top Youth Ministry Games, Ideas, Lessons, and Coaching from 2015

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What do electricity, tacos, t-shirts, homosexuality, foosball, pornography, Minecraft and snark have to do with each other?  They are all part of the top content our contributors offered up this year. We know you are going to want to go back through everything that we published, but to get you started we wanted to offer those things that would make our NOW album for this year were there ever such a thing (which means if any of you want to set these posts to music and release a CD, you are guaranteed a post and podcast!) Here’s the list… you now have your next several weeks of lessons, games, and coaching done.

Play Minecraft Live at Your Next Youth Event

Want to break completely out of the box with your next game while simultaneously making some of the least cool kids in the room into rock stars/making their dreams a reality?  This is it.  Tyler Vittetoe knocks one out of the park with this killer up-font game.

7 Great Fall Kickoff Ideas (now with super heroes!)

Launching into the new school year (or the new year) is an important opportunity to capture the attention of students and build momentum for the rest of the weekly programs.  From “Cosmicon” to “The Minimalist,” Eddie Erwin offers 7 ideas for all shapes and sizes of youth ministries to do launch into a new season well.

Talking about Homosexuality and other Big Topics with Youth

There are so many big, confusing, sticky, hot-button issues that teens have to navigate. Ignoring them isn’t an option.  Your students need a shepherd to guide them through these treacherous waters, but how do you do it without losing your job?  This is a place to start.

Electricity: A Great No-Prep Game

As a youth I had always wanted to believe that connecting with the ladies would be part of the order of worship for that day  Finally, thanks to Betsy Marvin, you can make those dreams a reality for your students with a game where holding hands in church is the key to taking the prize. For this no-prep game all you need is a coin and a small object (whatever is handy).

The Snark Jar

Being snarky is fun.  But it’s only fun until someone looses and eye or stops coming to youth group.  If your snark is crossing the line, or if you are wanting to make sure to stay away from the line, Mike Fitzpatrick may have just what you need.

Signs: A Great No-Prep Game

You know when you get stuck at a random Ford dealership on the way to camp while they fix the church bus and you are looking for anything (a game, a joke, a bag of broken glass) to occupy and/or entertain your students?  This is it.  Learn it. Save it on your phone.  Whatever you have to do, you’ll be glad you did.  When this saves the day, send some love to Betsy Marvin!

Dealing with Pornography (Podcast Episode 39)

Pornography is a huge elephant in the bedroom of far too many students.  There are no simple solutions, there is not magic bullet.  However, we wrestle with this tough subject together in this important episode of our weekly podcast.

Will It Taco?

Are you ready for the funniest eating game ever? Jason Scott helps us combine everything under the sun with everyone’s favorite food container: the taco.  Seriously.  Tacos people!

Chair Fooseball

This game takes fooseball to a whole new level.  No longer are you fussing with tiny little plastic people and a ball that is clearly to hard for their little legs to handle. Mike Rollins helps us see that it’s time to bring this classic table top game into the real world.  The best part is, all you need is a ball and folding chairs!

The Worst Youth Ministry Ideas Ever

Some things rock (like Tacos, Minecraft and Fooseball).  Other things, not so much.  When that happens in youth ministry we try to forget about it until the next time we get together with other youth ministers.  Then it’s time to see who has the top fail story in their closet.  These are some of our favorites.  Names have been changed to protect the innocent(ish).

Welcome To Youth Group! Now What?

What do you do when a visitor comes to your youth ministry?  Do you have a process?  Do you give them a gift?  Do you have someone ready to show them around?  Robert Sturdivant maps out five simple steps you can follow to ensure those visitors don’t slip through the cracks.

3 Messy Summer Games You Have to Try

Really, the title says it all. In fact you probably aren’t even reading the description.  Chasity Opphile really rocks the house.  Ok in case you’re still reading, here’s a sample:  paint, jello, plastic, cornstarch, shaving cream, and… you’re gone.

Day by Day: Walking Daily with Jesus – Message and Small Group Guide for Youth

You’ve been off the past couple weeks for holidays and haven’t had time to plan your next series.  No problem, Lane Davis has your next three weeks of messages and small groups done with this series on walking daily with Jesus.

Finally, we cannot drop the mic without mentioning the two posts that dwarf everything else by a factor of ten: Popcorn Sharing Ice Breaker and Sweatsuit Sumo.  You’re welcome.

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