Cross Over: A Free Discussion Lesson on Joshua

Cross Over: A Free Discussion Lesson on Joshua

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Yesterday, I noticed through our students’ prayer cards the tension that they have just with the thought of school starting back up this fall.  In my heart I felt myself wanting to give them a pep talk that they can be strong, courageous, and not afraid.  There is not a perfect time or circumstance for us, as people of God, to cross into what God has for us.  At some point, we have to trust the Lord and cross over.  Through this series, we will talk about stepping into our callings, conquering fears, and ultimately crossing over!  Joshua is a book positioned to talk about such topics, so we will be diving in there.

Every week in small groups, we begin with “Pows and wows” or highs and lows of the week. This gives students the opportunity to share, begin getting comfortable talking, and also for you to find out any prayer needs on the front end of the group time.

What is a God given dream?

Read Deuteronomy 34: 1-4.  What did God show Moses? (the promised land)

The Promised Land was a God given dream passed down from generation to generation. Was Moses going to be able to go to the Promised Land?

If Moses couldn’t go, would the dream to go to the promised land still live on? (yes)

Who does that dream pass on to? (Joshua)

Read Joshua 1:1-2.  What is the dream?  What do they have to do in order to lay hold of the dream? (cross over)

What is a dream God has put on your heart?

What is something that needs to die or change in order for you to fully cross over into God’s plan?

How do you feel when you let go of something?

When is the best time to begin crossing into the dreams God has placed on your heart?

What are some steps you can take to begin that process now?

Why is it difficult to let go of our plans and surrender to His?

Spend some time in prayer as a group to close.


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