Violence in the Old Testament-Part 1


This video installment of Asbury Seminary’s “Seven Minute Seminary” the first of at least 3 parts addressing the issue of violence in the Old Testament. The topic is one close to my heart, and one I’ve puzzled over and researched for over 35 years.

By the way, you can find a treasure trove of short video treatments of vital issues through Asbury Seminary’s “Seven Minute Seminary” sponsored by our Seedbed ministry. They’re the Christian theology equivalent to “TEDTalks.”


I'm 60 years old, professor of Old Testament at Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, Kentucky. I love my wife of 36 years, my three adult children and children-in-law. I love our three horses, two cats, and whatever other creatures decide to call our place home. I hate mowing grass, hanging pictures or shelves, or anything involving punching or drilling holes in walls. I love my job of studying and teaching the Old Testament. I've recently contracted a fierce interest in archaeology. I also enjoy guitars, jazz, vintage firearms, airplanes, photography, drystone masonry and, visiting the lands of the Bible.


  1. So according to Mr. Lunn, for those of us who happen to be (or at least prefer to think of ourselves as) “simple agrarian folk” then the Biblical teachings on economics are still relevant? That’s encouraging.

  2. Barry. Let me kindly push back against your comment here in regard to your second sentence. I believe we have plenty understanding, but we don’t want to give up power to the biblical principles of justice, mercy, goodness and kindness. That will require a fundamental shift of how we view unfettered capitalism, and thus demand real changes in our lives. We prefer not to give up power.

  3. What a delight, reading his tweets, simply wonderful n Howard’s books brilliant feed, great theology, very encouraging n inspiring, lots to feed on to inform the mind n Worship the Lord.

  4. Thank you for posting this Lawson. I’m reviewing my notes from your lectures last year in our Sunday School class. This subject continues to be troublesome for me. -Karen