What Bible Did Jesus Use?

What Bible Did Jesus Use?

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What Bible did Jesus use? In the first century, the Jews and the early Christian communities would have likely used individual scrolls of the Greek translation of the Hebrew Old Testament. Listen in on Dr. Bill Arnold and Dr. Ben Witherington III as they explain more about the nature and function of the Old Testament Bible in the first century.

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  1. Here is a premise not mentioned — with some questions. Would either of these gentlemen care to answer these. When new Christians grew out of Judaism, i.e. the apostles, disciples of Jesus and Paul, they did not have Bibles per se to take with them to hold worship services. The written “scriptures” as the apostles and Jesus mentioned were in those scrolls left in the Hewish synagogues and the Jewish temple. Over time and several journeys throughout the Roman Empire at the time, God’s Word (the scriptures plus the written gospels and the written letters) were carried by these new Christians to new converts to this new religion soon to be called Christianity. How? In what manner? if in fact the scrolls were kept tightly secured in Jewish buildings and guarded by Jews who opposed Christianity? The letters we can understand. They were hand-written and hand copied and distributed by followers of the apostles. But many of the recipients (old churches) of these letters and whatever else are gone now. Was it up to the very young Roman Catholic church to be smuggling old scrolls, gospels written by Mark and Luke and Matthew and John , and letters by Paul, Peter, James, Jude and others out of old churches and synagogues so they and their monks can go about organizing the early Bible, the canon, as we come to know it? Or did the church universal sit down one day and started writing a written Bible from the oral teachings handed down over those generations leading to the canon?

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