What Does Henri Nouwen Have to Do with John Wesley?

John Wesley was an 18th century Anglican minister, Henri Nouwen a 20th century catholic priest. What could the two possibly have in common? In today’s Seven Minute Seminary, watch Dr. Michael J. Christensen discuss the profound parallels between Catholic spiritual direction and Wesleyan class meetings, bands, and societies.

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  1. One of the “hats” I wore was Spiritual Director of ATS’ Order of Saint Luke. Henri Nouwen was an invaluable resource. The Wounded Healer was one of my favorites, it was used by God to show me that my past of alcoholism and drug use was not only forgiven but became a tool for ministry.
    When I became paralyzed 15 years ago I really saw God use me as a wounded healer.
    I am glad to see this video and I hope more in this line happen.

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