What is Christian Perfection, and Does This Mean Christians Will No Longer Sin?

For hundreds of years the church has preached a gospel of grace but has typically limited it to conversion and the forgiveness of sins. In the 18th century, God raised up John Wesley and the people called Methodists who experienced and preached the penetrating character of the gospel as the powerful work of God to overcome sin and radically transform lives. This is what John Wesley meant by Christian perfection, or entire sanctification. Christian perfection, then, is the work of God in the heart of a person that actually makes it possible to genuinely love God and love neighbor, no longer being captive to sin. Not only is there evidence for this doctrine in Scripture, it also provides a more holistic and mature understanding of the work that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are doing in the world.

Watch this Seven Minute Seminary by Ryan Danker as he describes John Wesley’s doctrine of perfection and explains why its so critical of a vision for the church.

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  1. Our church does not believe any Christian perfection. While scripture says” you are gods” we do not believe that this means a person can’t escape sin altogether. Instead, it means that we have Jesus Christ in our hearts and minds and his Word cleanses us from all sin when we sin. The only reach so-called perfection once we die and are judge perfect by God and allowed into his community in Heaven.

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