When People Say You Aren’t Good Enough: A Free Discussion Lesson

When People Say You Aren’t Good Enough: A Free Discussion Lesson

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Not everyone in your world is encouraging.  In fact, there are some people who seem focused on making you feel that you aren’t good enough.  Paul was speaking to a group of people just like that and his words can continue to help us today.

Yeast Tag

Heres a weird one! Two ways to play. One way is essentially tag. But as you are tagged, you also become “it.” Game continues until there is only one person left.

Another way: sit in a circle. Everyone closes their eyes and the leader selects one “yeast.” That persons job is to wink at other members of the circle without getting caught. If someone makes eye contact and get winked at, they too become yeast. Game continues until there is one person left or a yeast gets caught.


Read Galatians 5:7-10

Paul is writing to a group of people who are being convinced that they are not good enough by a small group of people. How can we avoid the same trap?

  1. What stuck out to you in this passage?
  2. What made it hard about being the yeast? What made it hard about avoiding becoming the yeast?
  3. What is something you know about yourself? What is something that helps define you?
  4. In our scripture, there were some people in the church at Galatia that were trying to get people defined by old laws and no one could really measure up to them. How do we do that now?
  5. Paul talks about yeast. What does yeast do to bread?
  6. How can ideas-especially negative ones- spread?
  7. Paul warns his congregation not to be fooled— how are some ways you have been fooled when you think about yourself?
  8. We believe that through Christ, we are no longer defined by how good we are but rather how good God is in us—how does that affect the way you define yourself?
  9. What is good yeast that you could start spreading about yourself and others?
  10. Why is it important to believe that you are loved by God only because he loves you and not because of how good you are?


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