Why Young Adults Don’t Follow Jesus and Join a Church

Why don’t young adults remain committed to Jesus and to a local church? In this Seven Minute Seminary video, Austin Wofford offers five barriers that block young people from experiencing God and committing to community. He suggests local leaders find creative ways to offer solutions to these barriers in order to help young people experience communities of belonging, and so discover God.

  1. Expressive individualism encourages young people to cut ties with an older or traditional sense of self.
  2. Seasons of transition discourage young people from committing long term to people and places they may not remain in long term.
  3. Self-sufficiency tempts young people to not invest in things that require time, money, and energy when they consider these resources to be limited.
  4. Smart phone technology destabilizes meaningful relationships and serves as a coping mechanism to fill the void that only God and community can.
  5. Competition on social media brings an hyper awareness to image and creates unhealthy dependency on how others perceive us.

Your church or young adult community can buck the trends of the emerging adult exodus by simply listening to the Millennial and GenZ generations, and by cultivating a forged family community that will reach and form them.

Austin Wofford’s book Forged: Young Adults and the Renewal of the Church equips you to do this by: 1) making these generations alive and personal to you and 2) shedding light on how your church can re-engage them in this cultural moment.

Perfect for:

  • Campus ministers
  • Mentors to young adults
  • Pastors desiring renewal
  • Family ministers

In these pages you’ll:

  • Rally your church or family to re-engage emerging adults with creative and potent strategies
  • Learn how to plant micro communities that can reach and disciple young adults
  • Learn principles to successfully disciple and develop the next generation of their church leadership

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