Why Good Wound Care Matters

Why Good Wound Care Matters

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Has your heart ever been hurt by a situation, a person, by decisions made for you, something you’ve caused yourself, or even by the fact that you were just simply there?

If you say no, I’d like to meet you and check your pulse.

Yes, rain falls on us all.
No matter what you believe- or don’t believe.
Whether you’re nice- or not nice.
You’re going to get hurt unjustly.

Sometimes it’s a pinch. Ouch! Then we move on. “T’was merely a flesh wound!” Other times it’s a gash that you fear will never, ever fully heal. Either way we end up with scars, often leaving marks that stay with us for a lifetime.

Walking around like we don’t have them is a mistake. That is what the counseling world calls denial. What we need is what the health care world calls it: wound care. Facing the reality of our wounds and doing the work necessary to heal can be messy, painful and unpleasant. Even with the work, we come out bearing scars.

Let’s turn this on its head for a minute, though.

We are typically sensible at tending to the needs of physical wounds. These are obvious. We are not so good, however, at looking to the source of the deeper, hidden kind of wound. It’s easier to deny and walk away from those who reveal nasty symptoms, than to look a little deeper to the core cause of them with compassion and grace.

Isn’t that what we would want if someone were looking deep into our hearts? Compassion and grace?

So here’s the cool thing: we can use our scars to help heal other people’s wounds. Our past pain can help redeem their current pain, and somehow in return, we are again redeemed.

Now that’s wound care at its best.

Your wounded heart and healing scar story doesn’t begin and end with you. You can choose to be like a gentle breeze in the scorching desert heat. You can choose to use your past as a peaceful, healing balm in the middle of someone else’s storm, revealing your scars for their good healing. Or, you can choose to hide them in shame. My friend, please don’t hide; you’re not alone. God is in the redemption business, and He will give you the courage you need.

Imagine if your scar story helped to heal my current wounds, then my story of redemption in turn helped another in need, and so on. We would eventually have a beautiful tapestry of healing, redemption and hope.

What are you doing with your scars? Someone out there needs your story.

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Michelle Marx is a regular contributor to Soul Care Collective.


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