Why I'm Not a Calvinist by Ben Witherington

Editor’s note: while this is a presentation against Calvinism, we do embrace Calvinism as one rich stream in the wide tradition of historic Christian orthodoxy. We publish this because working through the reasons we don’t subscribe to a particular theology often helps us to better understand our own Wesleyan theology.

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Ben Witherington III here shares his reasons for not subscribing to Calvinist theology.

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    1. And so demonstrated again the arrogance and condescension of Calvinists. The Calvinistic understanding of grace would seem to me to produce humility and grace towards their brothers on the opposite side of this issue. 🙁

    2. Maybe that’s your issue. You must have a hard time mastering those fallacies, or you are just beginning to learn them in this generation. Cite what is wrong in the video. Stop whining like a baby.

  1. “we do embrace Calvinism as one rich stream in the wide tradition of historic Christian orthodoxy.”

    Let me get this straight. Calvinism, which preaches

    1) an eternal, immutable divine decree which permanently, unconditionally, and randomly (“He has not decreed anything because He foresaw it as future, or as that which would come to pass upon such conditions”) created a caste system of individual elect humans and another caste consisting of individual non-elect humans (Calvin’s “doomed from the womb”);
    2) a regeneration (“a new nature”) that precedes faith and justification, in other words, an elect individual can be a born again unbeliever who has Christ’s new nature dwelling in him before that sinner believes and is justified;
    3) that sinners are total unable to repent or believe in the power of the gospel message without having been predetermined for individual salvation (unlike those predetermined for individual damnation who are created without any ability to believe the gospel);
    4) God only loves some people and Jesus only died to atone for some people;
    5) the eternally elect individuals are secure from all eternity from threats of damnation before they are even born…..

    ….this Calvinism is in the “rich stream” of “Christian orthodoxy”?

    NEVER! It is a false gospel, scripturally untenable, and should rightly be rejected by all Christians.

  2. Well, listening to this I became more aware that those who reject calvinism have very weak arguments!

    1. Well, reading this comment filled with confidence and self-reassurance I became more aware why fewer people are attracted to Calvinism.
      Christ is the embodiment of humility.
      Thank God Paul keeps showing us how it silly it is for us to as finite beings wanting to put God in a little box. Who has known the mind of the Lord? Or who has been his counselor? You?

  3. We do not accept Calvinism. We reject it outright as the doctrine of the devil. Where in the Scripture is a passage found that God predetermines some to heaven and some to hell? It ain’t there. Surely the god of the Calvinists is worse than Satan. It is as arbitrary as Islam’s allah who does good and bad without getting questioned why he does that. But NO. There is no unrighteousness in Yahweh. He is not good and at the same time evil. He is always good, but He is NOT above the Law. He obeys His own law. By their fruits ye shall know them (Mt. 7.15-20). The fruit of Calvinism is creed then murder. You need not do a research for that. Calvin murdered Michael Servetus and up to his death he keeps on justifying that what he did was right. Really a son of the devil whose father is a murderer. Why do you have to force people into your creeds and beliefs? No one is damned for NOT believing in that goddamn trinity formula by Athanasius. Belief in trinity is NOT a requirement for salvation.

  4. Calvinism, as Mark Passio would say (from, would come from right-brain imbalance. Those people are usually hyper-dogmatic, and don’t tend to believe in free will.

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